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Who are we?

Qui sommes nous


Who are we? Such a philosophical question, isn’t it?

We are a team of French – and not that French – guys who decided, more than a decade ago, to create the gay magazine we had always wanted to find on the newsstands. Indeed, we thought it was time to talk about homosexuality, sans the hype.
And so it is, that what our readers now know as “commonplace” was, at that time, a daring step into the fray. We saw a bright and prosperous long – term future for our community at time when only the people of the Netherlands (2001), Belgium (2003), Spain (2005), Canada (2005) and South Africa (2006) did, with their recognition of the right of same-sex couples to be married in the eyes of the Law. With an increase in the number of nation – states recognising our right to marry, it is evident that others are beginning to see the future that we here at MM have always seen, even when it wasn’t so apparent.

Our fight is not over. We have to continue showing all the haters and conservative liberty killers that all is (or has to be) about LOVE!

When we created MM Magazine, we envisioned a “space”; where gay and bisexual men could enjoy what makes homosexuality beautiful – a media platform that is not only entertaining and sexy, but informative with a light-hearted tone. Therefore, we’ve been focusing on showing male beauty by  electing the best pictures of the hottest guys shot by talented photographers around the planet. We’re writing about fashion, gay pop  culture, and essential news about the LGBT+ Community not only here in France, but across the Globe. And most importantly, we’ve been eager to engage with you, our dear readers, by publishing your testimonies about your experiences, your feelings, your happiness, and your doubts, as being in tune with and a cheerleader for our community is at the very core of what MM stands for.

More than ten years after its launch, MM Magazine has become one of the most popular gay media platforms in the world! Our fight is not over. We still have to show all the haters and  conservative liberty killers that all is (or has to be) about LOVE. Because, “je t’MM” are such magical words, don’t you agree?